The merchant wallet is the virtual management portal that accrues revenue, is fully reporting, and provides merchants with complete autonomy to manage and process all business expenses.

The merchant wallet is fully integrated with the Cultivate application, and revenue is accrued in
the wallet after each completed transaction; all payments settle instantly, and funds are
immediately available to merchant.

Blockchain technology is automated record keeping with information stored in virtual, encrypted blocks that validate transactions through consensus mechanisms, such as two parties agreeing on the value of a thing. With each completed transaction, the block goes through the encryption algorithm to become a new block and gets added to the block” chain ” as a permanent, new and immutable database. All blocks are connected in lineal, chronological order with every block containing a hash of the previous block and becoming a new block with every validated transaction.

Funds get moved out of the system by issuing digital checks in the merchant wallet. The funds on
a digital check can be used to pay bills or can be sent via direct deposit to the business’ bank
accounts or employee bank accounts to settle payroll.

We are able to integrate with any POS system, but our system is currently working as a
compatible stand alone platform that provides reporting features for proper reconciliation with
merchants’ existing POS. We intend to begin integrations with a few POS companies within the
next few weeks.

Vendors who are approved MTrac merchants in the ecosystem can be paid via wallet transfers for
instant funds. Vendors outside of the ecosystem can be paid via digital check.

The system is compliant from transactional and reporting positions. The transactions ledger is a
transparent and immutable record of every transaction that occurs in the wallet, tracing the flow
of funds into and out of the system. The reporting features allow the merchant to create
reconcilable sales reports that align with the merchant’s existing POS equipped with seed to sale
tracking software. Our system also eliminates cash by providing a commerce platform where all
funds originate from behind the banking swift lines, either from credit cards or through ACH
transfers to load funds directly from existing bank accounts.

A picture is taken of the customer at the completion of the transaction for security purposes. If a
card is reported lost or stolen, the photographic record provides proof of the customer who used
the card. This record also protects the business in the event that customers fraudulently report a
card lost or stolen. This is legal and even large corporations, such as Target, take photographic
records of customer transactions without posting notice of doing so.

Yes, the Cultivate application on the front end provides record of each employee who runs transaction.

The receiver pays the transaction rate on wallet transfers.

All of the funds in the ecosystem are held in several US banks that are FDIC insured. All of these deposit accounts are third party administered, assigned to a trustee, and the accounts exist for the sole purpose of supporting the integrity of the ecosystem. The names of the banks, however, represent proprietary information and is not disclosed to the public.

The funds in our system are backed by US Dollars in a 1:1 ratio that are held in FDIC insured trust accounts. There are no conversion rates on the funds in our closed loop system, nor are these funds exposed to market volatility.

Yes, GreenBox holds MTL’s i all 50 states through its JV Partner, Placid Express

In our due diligence process we run criminal searches, no fly lists, and review office of foreign assets control (OFAC) through our licensed & bonded investigations company. We also conduct internal due diligence where we search negative news about the business and the business owners we plan to do business with, and before approval, we insure that new client above board and fully licensed to run their applicable operations. We do not run credit reports of prospective clients.

We are Planning to offer eCommerce in Q1 2019. We are building a proprietary gateway of direct integrations.

Our business model and our ability to hold value in 1:1 ratio provides the ingredients to our secret sauce. This allows us to provide merchants with compliant and reliable card processing, instant settlements to improve cash flow, and access to a streamlined, fully automous payment management portal to process all business expenses.

No this will depend on the dispensary and its state’s laws

We do not publish this information but are happy to have this discussion with any licensed merchants who are interested in implementing our system. We can say that our client’s business data represents dispensarie’s average cash tickets to be $64 and average MTrac tickets are $79, resulting in a 23% increase in sales by allowing consumers to pay with credit and debit cards at the register.

Advanced privacy is the security measures implemented on the system and inherent to blockchain that protects consumer data. Merchants who implement our platform to accept secure and compliant card payments normally pass on some of the system costs to consumers as an advanced privacy fee.

GreenBox POS is the system administrator who developed the payment management platform and its proprietary technology is the settlement engine. GreenBox holds an MSB license and MTL licenses in all 50 states through its JV Partner, Placid Express, and is fully reporting to FinCen.

Yes, our MSB License is held by GreenBox’s JV Partner, Placid Express

There are no restrictions on our system to prohibit payment processing for Kratom.

Our current cilent data shows a 23% increase in average ticket price.

Climinating cash alone reduces risk of internal and external theft. There is no way to steal on our system without having a merchant’s login credentials, and even then, funds can’t be moved out of our system without having total transparency of where the funds are going.

Digital checks can be issued for tax payments.

Our olatform does not calculate taxes. Taxes are recorded on the POS. Payments on our system reflect the total cost of the sale rung up on the POS. Taxes should be calculated and managed through the merchant’s controller and accounting team.

Yes, merchants who have bank accounts can load funds from their bank account into the merchant wallet.

Every dollar in the ecosystem is held in FDIC insured US Bank accounts.

GreenBoxPOS, a publicly traded company (GRBX), owns the deposit accounts which are all third party administered and assigned to a trustee. This means that GreenBox does not have open access to these funds, and therefore not able to dispappear with the money.

The bank accounts that support the ecosystem are untouchable assets, held under dba’s to protect the value of all MTrac merchant accounts.

We do not have a solution for legacy cash.

We are different because we’ve streamlined payment processes that mimic the traditional card payment experience without any workarounds. Our system was built for all industries, not specific to cannabis. Other systems usually have some workaround, whether it’s pre-paid card, a mobile app, or some type of cryptocurrency, and they are mostly deisgned with a limited scope that is focused specifically on cannabis.

Our best practice is to use a new iPad that we code and deploy for you, but if you would like to use your own iPad you can do so with the understanding that our application requires a certain amount of bandwidth for full functionality. We will create your account, give you the link and login credentials, and deploy the pin pad terminal and help you pair it with your iPad.

Yes, we have a curbside delivery unit. Same Price as brick and mortar

Accure revenue as instant settlements with each completed transaction; funds immediately available to merchant; direct deposit or employee bank accounts; issue digital checks to pay bills outside of the ecosystem; pay MTrac vendors via wallet transfers for B2B transactions; fully reporting platform for regulatory compliance

We launched our second iteration on Oct 5. Over these last few weeks, we’ve boarded several dispensaries across three states, and the retail market was and continues to be our main focus. We are speaking with a number of distributors and product companies, and hope to board our first supply chain vendors by the end of Nov.

The mobile app was removed from the app store. Widespreak adoption was slow moving and difficult to achieve due to the active involvement and support required by not only the MTrac team but also MTrac clients, MTrac marketing campaigns and also an incredible amount of tech support and development required, all to teach customers to develop new purchasing habits. Not an easy thing to do.

Atm Charges are roughly $3 plus a bank fee at times.

Example: $60 on an ATM. ($3 fee by the dispensary ATM and $3 fee for an outside ATM from the bank). Therefore $6 to take out $60 is equivalent to the customer being charged 10%

Should be ready by Christmas.

This is the cost for digital checks

We Handle, You will never be called on chargebacks, unless we call asking for customer or transaction records.

MTrac has 11 employees and dozens of ISOs and sales agents, and our technology partners each have about 10-51 employees, with large development teams on and off-shore.

San Diego and Las Vegas.

Yes, we are on the OTCQB as a pink sheet stock. Our stock ticker is GOHE.

3 States Currently CA, NV, CO.

Global Payout is the publicly traded company that created MTrac Tech as its subsidiary to target financial solutions in the cannabis industry.

GreenBox is the publicly traded technology company (GRBX) that built the payment platform that is exclusively licensed bt MTrac to deploy in the cannabis industry. Its technology provides the payment settlement engine as a gateway to the ecosystem on the front-end, and blockchain technology for its record keeping capabilities to provide a compliant payment management system on the back-end.

Cultivate is a payment processing company that was introduced by MTrac to GreenBox. Cultivate realized the value of GreenBox’s back-end management system and build a processing iOS application on the front end that didn’t require any workarounds, such as a mobile app or a pre-paid card.

  • Accepts all Major Credit and Debit Cards
  • Traditional Card Processing Experience
  • No Mis-Coding, No Merchant Liability
  • Increase Average Ticket Sales
  • Direct Integration with Merchant Wallet
  • Paperless Receipts
  • Shift Reports & Real-Time Reporting
  • Unique Budtender Logins
  • Manager Permissions
  • Issue Refunds & Partial Refunds
  • Generate Voids, Refunds, & Receipts Reports
  • Accrue Revenue in as Automous Management Portal
  • Instant Settlements after Each completed Transaction
  • Funds Immediately Available to Merchant
  • Move Funds Direct Deposit to Employee Bank Accounts
  • Settle Payroll Using Direct Deposit to Employee Bank Accounts
  • Issue Digital Checks to Pay Bills Outside of the Ecosystem
  • Load Funds from Bank Account to Merchant Wallet
  • Upload B2B Invoices & Request Payments
  • Pay Vendors via Wallet Transfers in the Ecosystem
  • All Transactions Recorded on Immutable Blockchain Ledger
  • Fully Reporting Platform for Regulatory Compliance